Cellulose Weighing Paper Sheet – 6×6 – 500 PC


  • 💪 PREMIUM QUALITY. Our Bitcomic weighing papers are analytical, purity-grade, and cellulose-based; designed for conveying powder or gelatinous paste samples to and from balances and instruments.
  • 👍 STRONG AND SMOOTH. Smooth medium gloss surface is ideal for transferring weighed material. Clean, dust-free sheets. Paper is lightweight, strong enough to support analytical size samples.
  • ♻️ NIROGEN-FREE. Perfect for every weighing application. They are nitrogen-free for a very smooth surface and good sample recovery. Each Bitomic weighing paper is strong enough to support dense materials, making them perfect for the laboratory or classroom.
  • 💡 HIGH GRADE MATERIAL. Material chemistries are verified against a standard prior to paper-making process, ensuring lot-to-lot reproducibility
  • ✔️ LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! We stand behind all of our products. If you’re not 100% COMPLETELY SATISFIED, just send us an email, and we promise to make it right!
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Bitomic Weighing Paper is perfect for every weighing application. It is designed for analytical and quantitative weighing with minimal influence on analytical results for weighing and transporting sample.

Lightweight but strong dust- and nitrogen-free options with transparent, smooth surfaces. Papers coated with inert polyethylene offer easier transfer of samples; products constructed of glassine feature moisture resistance. Select square products in a variety of dimensions or circular options that can be folded into weighing cups. Purchase weighing papers in cases or packs.

The surface is highly calendered (non-treated gloss) to a smoothness which resists sample hold or moisture absorption. The high-gloss, milk-white paper is semi-opaque, non-absorbent, and nitrogen-free. It resists tearing during quadrant folding or enveloping, and increases abrasion durability during spatula scraping.

Bitomic Weighing Paper allow samples to be transferred to scales without adding unwanted substances that could impact analytical results. Its shiny pergamyne paper allows visual determination that all sample has been removed.

Clean and dust-free



Simple weighing out and sample transfer

Reliable for quantitative transfer

Smooth textured surface to avoid trapping material

Will not absorb moisture

No glue or additives (residue-free)

Sufficient body to support sample

Included in the Pack

6×6 Inches (15×15 CM) Weighing paper (500pcs)

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