Borosilicate Glass Syringe with Metal Plunger – 2.25ml – Gold


  • 💉 A German production technology 2.25 ML glass syringe measuring:7.5 cm L x 1.5 cm W x 1.5 cm H 2.25 milliliters and labeled on the side. Measurement markings don’t disappear like plastic! 10 Pcs Set. This product is SYRINGE WITHOUT NEEDLES
  • 💉 Unique 2.25ml SYRINGE with Metallic Chromium Copper Plunger and Accurate Calibration: Assembled glass SYRINGE with a metallic plunge, Easy to use. The clear scale mark for easy measurement and dispensing of liquids
  • 💉 Crafted from high-quality heat-resistant reusable borosilicate glass which makes the syringe more resistant to thermal shock, very durable and not easily broken more so than any other common glass. Measurement markings don’t disappear like plastic!
  • 💉 A high quality syringe for refilling and measuring. Can be use for cartridge injections, Plant & Hemp Oils, EJuices, Liquids, Glue, Veterinary, Oral, and Lab Syringes. Also good for solvent ink, water-based ink refill, and distillates. Recommend to be disposable single-used, and can be re-used for Resin & Oil based substrates.
  • 💉 Luer Lock in order to make leak-free and good sealing with an epoxy sterilized and packaged. Guarantee that material is more stable. A great option for easy packaging for dabbing plant & hemp oils extract. Luer Cone is EO Sterilized which makes it Bacteria Free and Non-Toxic – (Lock and Rod is Non-Sterile). it is disposable, but can be re-used if it is just used for Resin & Oil-based substrates.
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